The Craniosacral System is made up of four major parts, but affects the entire body, as it influences not only the nervous system, but others as well. The parts of the Craniosacral System are: Cerebrospinal Fluid A clear fluid produced in the brain, cerebrospinal fluid fills parts of the brainContinue Reading

Craniosacral Therapy is becoming a popular type of alternative therapy for pain and dysfunction, but a lot of people don’t know what to expect for their first appointment. This approach is something I’ve always been fascinated in and would like to introduce to my massage practice. Over the next fewContinue Reading

It may not come as a surprise that many people today still view self-care activities like massage therapy as a type of indulgence reserved only for special occasions, or because a family member bought them a gift certificate last year that’s about to expire. Chances are that most haven’t been given the opportunityContinue Reading