Spring is here, do you have the right products for a healthy and happy face?


With skincare being more streamlined these days its no doubt it’s on the uprising trends for 2019. The biggest makeup trend of 2018 was the “NO Makeup” makeup look so there is no wonder people are going BACK TO BASICS when concerning their skincare routine.

Something I learned working retail in the skincare industry, was these helpful steps: Cleanse, treat, moisturize, and don’t forget to PROTECT. This has always stuck in my mind for a good basis to follow when reviewing what you have, and what you may want to add.

There are also three questions I ask when helping a client find what they need. How would you describe your skin? What are your main skin concerns? And, What products are you using? With these three questions, you can easily see if you are missing a step. A lot of people think that washing their face with bar soap or moisturizing with baby lotion is enough, then they wonder why their face is oily or breaking out. Believe me, I spent years thinking I had oily skin and that I needed less moisture. I also was skipping the exfoliation process so my moisturizer was just sitting on top of my skin. Let’s not forget the many many years I didn’t wear sunscreen. Did you know that you do the most damage to your skin when you are in your twenties when we think we will never get old! Just using these questions as a guideline has never steered me in the wrong direction.

Last but not least, Main Street Day Spa is an AVEDA spa. The products are vegan and have been cruelty-free since 1978. Call Jessica Or Linda for all of your skincare needs and wants.