The benefits of hand and foot massage as a part of your relaxation session

When scheduling a Swedish or relaxation massage session there are many benefits to having your hands and feet included. When you think about all the work our hands and feet do throughout the day you realize both can use some attention. Massage can help bring back flexibility into the muscles, increase circulation, improve balance, reduce aches and pain and improve the overall function of our hands and feet. There is also a calming affect which can help lower anxiety and stress, slow down our breathing and quiet the mind.

I typically include both hands and feet when providing relaxation massage. I usually start at the feet and this initial work is gentle and flowing with passive mobilization of the foot and lower leg. Towards the end of the session, I revisit both the hands and feet and end with a warm towel wrap.

The next time that you schedule a relaxation session, whether with me or with another massage therapist, consider asking for work in both these areas. It should greatly enhance the overall benefits of your session. Be well and live life to the fullest!