The Value in Stretching Post-massage

Post-massage stretching provides the biggest bang for your buck on your investment in you! Remember, YOU are a treasure and YOU are worth investing your time and resources to give your body, mind and spirit what it needs to be the best that it can be! When I recommendation stretches or strengthening exercises after receiving massage from me, the intention is for your body to get the most benefit from your investment in yourself. When you leave the massage session you will go back to your normal daily routine and your body will naturally revert back to the imbalances you have been experiencing in your body. Sitting at a desk for long periods, repetitive movements or activities, poor postural habits and more. With the recommended stretching and strengthening exercises, you will be able to counter these negative forces and recreate a “new normal” in your body so you can experience life without pain and loss of function. A client of mine recently commented that the pain and discomfort she originally came to me for was now gone. She stated that she felt not only the sessions had helped but also because she had been doing the stretches I recommended. Post-massage stretching can help reinforce the positive change from the massage session as well as speed up injury recovery time. Why not counter-balance those imbalances you are experiencing in your body with simple stretches and strengthening exercises and get the most for your buck! The attached link is to an article that explains what happens in your body and why I share these recommendations to my clients post-massage. YOU are a treasure worth the investment!